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With our Workatreat Mobile Massage Therapy service, you can choose from a range of massage treatments to have in the comfort of your home at a time that suits you. Whether you want a relaxing, pampering massage experience or a treatment that works deep in the muscle tissue, the choice is yours.


Massage tailored to you

Massage isn’t just an indulgent treat – it can help beat stress, ease muscle tension and boost overall wellbeing. Every therapist is fully qualified and are experts at the massage treatments they offer, so you will know you’re getting the very best.

Most of our massages are full-body treatments, designed for ultimate relaxation.

But each treatment can be tailored to you. So, if there’s a particular area you want the massage therapist to focus on – or a part of your body you don’t want them to touch – you can just let them know. Our most popular treatments are the Remedial Massage and Deep Tissue massages.

If you want to book a massage with a friend or partner, you can do that through us – simply request when you book. You can have either the same treatment or each select different ones.


Dao is an ancient Chinese philosophy centred on achieving balance between Yin and Yang. This enables you to experience a harmonic flow where you’ll feel that everything is perfect; just as it is. Simply take the time to slow down ...

The Hammam is one of the oldest cleansing traditions in the world. This steam bath experience from the East purifies both body and soul. This ancient custom inspired us to create a modern Hammam collection for your home. Close you...

Workatreat Mobile Massage Therapy
Workatreat Mobile Massage Therapy

Nourishing, moisturising oil with a calming effect for body and soul. Can also be used as a nourishing oil for very dry skin. Enriched with calming White Lotus and nourishing Yi Yi Ren. Enjoy a moment of relaxation with this special massage oil. . .



Lotus flowers thrive in calm, muddy waters and are considered a symbol of purity and spiritual growth in the Far East. As the white fragrant flowers open up at sunrise and close at sunset, the White Lotus is also a symbol of peace.


Yi Yi Ren has its origins in China where it has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine due to its skin-nourishing and medicinal properties.


Recognised for its luxurious, beautifying and glowing effects on the skin, gold has been used in skincare and cosmetics since ancient times. Black pine, known for its high levels of minerals and vitamins, will help to invigorate, refresh and tone the skin. The creamy texture, with it's mesmerising and relaxing fragrance, glides easily over the skin, while its large scrub particles gently exfoliate and renew it.



The Argan tree is one of the oldest trees in the world and grows only in the southwest of Morocco. The Berber tribes of this region have known the great power of Argan Oil for centuries, possibly thousands of years. It is for good reason that this tree is known as 'the tree of beauty'. The use of Argan Oil for cosmetic purposes is an ancient secret, caring for both skin and hair. Organic Argan Oil is rich in vitamin E, has a vitalising effect, and softens and moisturises the skin.


Eucalyptus is associated with healing properties and a stimulating effect on body and mind. Eucalyptus oil is used in Turkish baths (hammams) and is said to soothe respiratory problems when inhaled.

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Medical Insurance

For those with Private Medical Insurance with Irish Life Health, treatments for Massage Therapy may be claimed back, dependant upon each individuals policy terms and conditions.

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