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Bring Wellness to your office.

Workplace Massage Therapy contact us at 087 053 5529

Workatreat delivers employee wellness solutions to activate employee engagement and rejuvenate your employees by creating a culture of well-being.

If you're looking for ways of improving employee morale, increasing productivity and creating a more positive work environment, we can provide an affordable and straightforward solution and at the same time reduce stress in the workplace.

About Workatreat®

Welcome to Workatreat Workplace Massage Therapy in Ireland. We help companies look after employee

health and well-being by bringing the benefits of massage to the workplace. We offer an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of on-site chair massage in the workplace with no disruption to the working day. So if you are looking for ways of improving employee morale, creating a more positive work environment and increasing productivity, we can provide an affordable and straightforward solution and at the same time reduce stress in the workplace.

Why Workplace Massage Therapy?

Our world is fast-paced and stressful, and a typical workday consists of crouching over a computer for hours on end. 

For many companies in Ireland, on-site massage has become increasingly popular to support employee wellness. 

​ Workplace massage can help your employees feel exceptional, think more clearly and be more productive. We offer an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of an on-site chair massage to support health and well-being. Each massage is individually planned to relieve tiredness, decrease muscle tension, improve concentration and reduce mental stress.

What Is Workplace Massage?  

Non-invasive massage provides a 15-20 minute treatment performed on a specially designed chair. There is no need to undress as we do not use any oils. Based on Shiatsu and Swedish massage techniques, acupressure and stretches are applied to the back, neck, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands. The unique blend of massage styles makes our on-site massage treatments the best in the business. Our procedure is specially created to reduce muscle tension, which occurs in the everyday working environment due to a prolonged sitting/standing position.  It also helps decrease stress and anxiety, which accompanies us every day.


Our standards are high when it comes to the appointments we provide because we know yours are too. So, all you need to do is provide the space, and we’ll look after the rest. When it comes to your employees, a little treat makes a big difference.

Workatreat Employee Wellness Solutions


Massage reduces tension and relieves stress



Our workplace massage programmes give an excellent return for a modest investment.


Improve employee focus, creativity and alertness.



Boost workplace morale and staff loyalty with a treat.

SICK LEAVE Reduce absenteeism and sick 

sick leave through better staff wellbeing

What Our Clients Say

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Workatreat Massage Therapy Ireland

Karolina visited our Company in Sligo for a wellbeing event. I have to say she was superb. Although it was only a 20 minute booking she tailored the massage to my needs and was very friendly. Couldn't recommend any more...thanks Karolina

Workatreat Massage Therapy Ireland

We booked Karolina as part of our Employee Wellbeing program and were more than happy with her performance on site. All employees enjoyed their treatments and started asking for next time already. Karolina was very friendly, open-minded and with her great knowledge helped a lot of us to get rid of some tension from sitting on a desk all day.

Very relaxing experience.

- Ronja Mahl

B.Braun Hospicare Ltd.

Workatreat Massage Therapy Ireland

I received a wonderful back massage from Karolina when I was at a work conference on 9/5/2019. There was a special chair which allowed me to relax and enjoy the session. Karolina was very informative on ways to stretch and keep healthy. It was very refreshing and relaxing.

- Geraldine Mulkerins

Fórsa Union

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Do happy employees lead to a successful business?

Your staff are your greatest asset!

Taking care of your staff makes them feel appreciated and cared for. Workplace Massage has been shown to improve alertness and concentration, stress management and overall physical and mental wellbeing. The immediate effects will give your employees a fabulous boost in motivation and improve overall workplace morale.

Workplace Massage Therapy
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