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Workplace Massage Therapy Ireland

Bring Wellness to your office.

Happy employees, successful business

How we work

How we work

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We will provide an individual package that is most beneficial and cost-effective depending on your needs and budget.

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Magic hands at work

No hassle, no prep, no planning. We will set up in the designated area and do what we do best- treat you at work.

Feel the love

Happy employees lead to a successful business! Your team will love you for taking care of them and you will observe an increase in morale and productivity.

How we help Organisations

How we help Organisations

By delivering an exceptional quality service in a caring, professional and flexible manner, we aim to provide the best possible experience with a simple and affordable way to reduce stress in the workplace.


Non-invasive massage provides a 15-20 minute treatment performed on a specially designed chair. There is no need to undress as we do not use any oils. Based on Shiatsu and Swedish massage techniques, acupressure and stretches are applied to the back, neck, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands. The unique blend of massage styles makes our on-site massage treatments the best in the business. Our treatment is specifically created to reduce muscle tension, which occurs in the everyday working environment due to a prolonged sitting/standing position.   It also helps decrease stress and anxiety, which accompanies us every day.

Workplace chair massage has been proven to significantly decrease stress as well as helping to prevent work-related conditions such as Repetitive Strain Injury, Carpal tunnel syndrome, an incorrect posture which leads to back pain. 


The results of the treatment leave our clients feeling physically relaxed, regenerated and energized and ready to return to work with renewed concentration.

A regular on-site massage program in the workplace helps by reducing staff non-attendance and healthcare costs, while also improving staff morale, increasing performance and efficiency and creating a more positive and creative work environment.

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